COVID – 19 Decontamination

In March of 2020, our country and the world, began feeling the effects of coronavirus ( SARS CoV-2) COVID-19. During the initial weeks of the Pandemic, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. was receiving an average of 3 calls / day regarding product sales and facility decontamination requests. By April, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. was being called to serve in multiple public housing facilities and judicial and correctional facilities each day, as the positive case tally continued to rise throughout Michigan.

To date, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. has successfully decontaminated countless vehicles, housing facilities, courthouses, manufacturing plants and law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. is a licensed distributor of liquid decontaminating and odor elimination products that are approved by the EPA and CDC for effective COVID-19 sanitation. For purchases or information about our products please visit our shop.

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