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As Michigan’s longest-serving and most trusted provider of biohazard management solutions, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. provides unmatched compassionate service and the utmost professionalism, within the industry. Established in 1996, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. remains a family-run corporation, and is not part of any franchise agreement or larger entity. Our mission is to serve in a manner where Character, Compassion and Credibility, become ONE.

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Biohazard Management and Decontamination Specialists
BIOCLEAN TEAM5 hours ago
May 2023 snapshot:

-Full-scale Biohazard decontamination of 6 police vehicles from the Lansing Police Department in the Michigan State Police.

-Full-scale Fentanyl decontamination of a patrol vehicle for the Branch County Sheriff’s Office.

-Full- Scale Biohazard decontamination of 7 apartment units in the Tri-County area.

-Full-scale Biohazard decontamination of 2 vehicles belonging to DHHS.

-Full-scale Biohazard decontamination of 2 jail cells within the Calhoun County jail.

-Full-scale processing of 6 incidents involving untimely mortal events within single family homes and commercial real estate.

-Full-scale processing of 2 untimely mortal events resulting from traffic crashes on a public roadway within the city limits of Lansing.

-Full-scale Biohazard decontamination of an untimely mortal event involving an industrial accident.

-Presented the mission of BIOCLEAN TEAM to the VSU members of the Lansing police department, and Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office.

-received and filled multiple orders for our Odor Complexing Solution, and shipped them out to a few different regions of the country.

-Ordered another 26’ enclosed trailer to be built to our specifications, and we should take delivery sometime in June.
BIOCLEAN TEAM17 hours ago
BIOCLEAN TEAM4 weeks ago
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
BIOCLEAN TEAM1 month ago
…💔processed by BIOCLEAN TEAM…
BIOCLEAN TEAM1 month ago
🔥🔆March 25th - April 25th🔆🔥
Many updates to identify in this 30-day recap

-We decontaminated and processed 5 vehicles: 2 for LPD and 2 for MSP and 1 for Progressive Ins.

-We served 6 families enduring the heartache of untimely mortal events.

-We were awarded 3 new Sharps and Regulated Medical Waste collection and disposal accounts.

-We continue to service (weekly) dozens of our sharps and regulated medical waste accounts accounts throughout the state.

-We performed biohazard remediation services for 4 of commercial clients throughout the state.

-We continue accommodating multiple appointments regarding new accounts and the logistics thereof. Our team of route service drivers and sales staff, continue to maintain our firm’s high standards and client satisfaction.

-We received multiple internet orders for our Odor Complexing Solution, and shipped out several bottles throughout the state.

-Our President, Kam Bradman, delivered a presentation to nearly 400 victim advocates at this year’s annual Michigan Sheriffs’ Association VSU conference. The title of his presentation was “Perception is Reality” (the candle burns from both ends, last half as long). The main focus was self-care, and how our perception shapes our perspective.

-Processed and Decontaminated 3 scenes for the Lansing Police Department, that took place outside on public land.

-Thankful for a passionate and qualified staff who make all of this possible.