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As Michigan’s longest-serving and most trusted provider of biohazard management solutions, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. provides unmatched compassionate service and the utmost professionalism, within the industry. Established in 1996, BIOCLEAN TEAM, Inc. remains a family-run corporation, and is not part of any franchise agreement or larger entity. Our mission is to serve in a manner where Character, Compassion and Credibility, become ONE.

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Biohazard Management and Decontamination Specialists
🔥🔆March 1st - March 24th🔆🔥

It’s been nearly a full month since we’ve updated our page and we are thankful to report that after 27 years, we continue to grow and expand within the industry.

-We decontaminated and processed 4 vehicles: 3 for LPD and 1 for MDHHS.

-We served 2 families enduring the heartache of untimely mortal events.

-We were awarded 3 new Sharps and Regulated Medical Waste collection and disposal accounts.

-We serviced 44 of our client accounts throughout the central region of the state.

-We performed biohazard remediation services for 3 commercial clients in the eastern region of the state.

-We purchased a 5th service vehicle for additional scene processing and account servicing.

-We added 64 running feet of pallet racking to our shop for additional equipment and inventory storage.

-We have multiple appointments and interviews behind us and ahead of us regarding new accounts and the logistics thereof.

-We received multiple internet orders for our Odor Complexing Solution, and shipped out several bottles throughout the state.

-Thankful for a passionate and qualified staff who make all of this possible.
BIOCLEAN TEAM4 weeks ago
🔥February 1st — February 27th🔥

-Serviced 86 of our sharps and regulated medical waste accounts throughout the central and southeastern regions of the state.
-Served 3 families enduring the loss of untimely mortal events.
-Performed biohazard remediation processing efforts for the city of Wayne.
-Performed biohazard remediation processing efforts for the city of Rockwood.
-Performed biohazard remediation processing efforts for the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office (jail)
-Performed biohazard remediation processing efforts for the Ingham county housing authority.
-Performed biohazard remediation processing efforts for the Lansing police department.
-Performed biohazard remediation processing efforts for Carvana.
-Awarded 3 new Sharps and regulated medical waste collection and disposal accounts.
-Assisted with facilitating a victim, advocacy training seminar in Marquette county, for the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association.
BIOCLEAN TEAM2 months ago
🟠🔥🔆⚠️January 25th-31st Update:

-Awarded 2 new Sharps and Regulated medical waste accounts located in Genesee Co.

-Performed odor abatement ULV fogging processes for a commercial property located in Ingham Co.

-Submitted registrations for multiple conferences taking place this summer and fall.

-Preparing a presentation for the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association annual Spring conference. The presentation will focus on “self care” for first responders and victim advocates, who continually involve themselves in the lives of grieving people.

-Submitted bids for vehicle 2 decontamination projects and 1 residential project.
BIOCLEAN TEAM2 months ago
This !
BIOCLEAN TEAM2 months ago

🔥🔥 this is one of the divisions of our corporation, which handles confidential document shredding and destruction services. Need a a trustworthy and competent document shredding firm? Call or send us a note today.
BIOCLEAN TEAM2 months ago
January 8th - 24th:
-Awarded 3 new sharps and regulated medical waste disposal contracts.
-Awarded 1 new confidential document shredding contract through our SHREDS division.
-Processed 2 scenes involving untimely mortal events.
-Serviced dozens of our central and western Michigan. Regulated Medical Waste clients.
-Cleaned, decontaminated, and delivered multiple personal content items back to a family, where a mortal event occurred.
-Begin the early steps of locating and purchasing another vehicle to assist in servicing our growing number of accounts.
-Processed and decontaminated 1 patrol vehicle for the Lansing Police Department.
-Processed and decontaminated 2 vehicles for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
-Completed a supply and equipment inventory.
-Updated / Upgraded our wireless Internet service in our shop office.
-The owner and his wife enjoyed an out-of-state vacation throughout the timeline encompassing this update.